I have been on a High, ever since finalizing the sale, as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Form day #1 you put so much effort into Photos, listing and promoting, my former home, as if it was your only property. Above all, my most appreciation, was the way you addressed the several minor repairs needed to pass the Inspection report. You saved me many, many hours of driving. You went above and beyond, what other Realtors had done in the past. Thanks so much.  Ed
---- E. King ----

In appreciation of the services I have received from Ed Gallimore and his office staff at McNeil Real Estate Co., I'm writing this formal letter to acknowledge the expert help he has given me in handling the sale of several properties after the death of my husband.  I especially appreciated the extra time and effort he has put into each transaction, from finding buyers, to combining several pieces of mountain land into a tract that was desirable; this took extra time and study and miles of paperwork.  Most of all, I am grateful for how well he explained all the details of every sale to me.  Before my husband died I had nothing to do buy sign on the dotted line.  My husband took care of the details, and Ed was his Broker of choice.

Ed has the ability to explain details clearly and patiently so that this elderly widow was never overwhelmed and that I was comfortable with the results.  He has gone beyond finding buyers and taking me through the closings to helping me track down a holder of a deed of trust who moved out of state.

I just want to say "Thanks, Ed", your knowledge, hard work, and optimistic and cheerful manner have been a blessing for me.

Annell B. Winbery

McNeil Real Estate
McNeil Real Estate
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